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Flashe, acrylic, and graphite on synthetic paper
4 ft x 5 ft

From my "Pillowform" series, this large drawing, with its scumbled edges and imperfect rendering is an old favorite.

The Pillowforms were/are semi-abstracted forms that use pillows as stand-ins for body. My body. At their core, these images and forms are an emotionally tangled call for the disentanglement of the word "fat" with the word "ugly," cloaked in the tropes of art history and luxury commodities.

As Yinka Shonibare has said, “My reclamation of aesthetics has more in common with the strategies of a trickster who is utterly impossible to place because he is a fun lover who is at home with confusion, but politically astute. Beauty is political when appropriated by the “other,” of course. The trickster is unknowable because he is always in disguise.”