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Clapback(s) with Teeth (in progress)
Clapback(s) with Teeth (in progress)
vintage glass beads, silk thread, graphite, cotton paper
12 x 17 in

An ongoing look into ideas of fashion and personal agency these are small studies for a larger series of works called "Clapbacks With Teeth."
The catalyst for these works was a discussion with an old friend as we reflected on the #metoo movement and how, at various points in our lives as young, female artists we were either a tacit reward for male artists or expected to uncomplainingly occupy a subservient position. Thus, these works, especially the pieces that have fierce animal heads are a way of “clapping back,” (with teeth). With these, I work in a manner that is meditative and often counter-intuitive: I adopt the language of specialized craft in the form of highly beaded and encrusted forms, even as I use impermanent materials and inexpert techniques.